Rebellious Grace

Alcie Earrings


Alcie 18K Gold Drop Earrings featuring Freshwater Pearls on a Waved Hoop


Rebellious Grace owner, Zoe chats about the Alcie Earrings.

"The Alcie Drop Earrings were my answer to a modern-day pearl. I love using asymmetry, and the handcrafted shapes of the Alcie Earrings offer a unique shape that pleases the eye and creates a polished, high-end, and expensive look. They're crafted from a sterling silver base, plated in 18k Gold, and completed with a Freshwater Pearl that I fix by hand. They're absolutely stunning, and are one of the quintessential Rebellious Grace pieces."

Drop Earrings Length: 60mm

Materials: 18k Gold plated Sterling Silver. Freshwater Pearl. Nickel and lead free. Hypoallergenic.

Care Instructions: Wipe with a soft cloth after wear. Avoid contact with chemicals, body products and water.