Buck Wild Country

Little Traveling Hippie Flare Desert


So let me tell you about the girl in the paisley print bells... The one dances on the beams of disco balls under a full moon, her every step drops like a bass guitar strumming it’s moody summer song, echoing under the balmy night sky. With braids in that sandy mane she tumbles slow, steady and full of intention like the tide. She doesn’t ask what her place is but she will show you as she takes it over and over again - but you won’t even mind. Just don’t expect her to stay there for too long, those gypsy feet keep moving to their own beat, from one song to the next... and she ain’t slowing down for nobody.


Sizes run 2-12
These are true to size and are quite stretchy, little travellers pictured are wearing size 4 and are both 4yrs old.